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Before You Call

Before You Call


Fix It Yourself

Sometimes a minor HVAC issue can be resolved without expert help. Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning provides solutions to typical HVAC problems including air conditioner issues. We have compiled some useful tips about solving some common HVAC issues. Click the links below for advice on how to deal with these typical HVAC problems. The following are quick fixes for simple problems, and some advice for more complex problems. If you cannot figure out what is wrong, give us a call for prompt service.

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Things to Consider Before Calling Reliance

A lack of electric power is a common cause of system failure for an air conditioner, heat pump, or even a gas furnace. Before calling the experts at Reliance, reset all circuit breakers and check all breakers in the main electrical panel to ensure the system has power.

Call Reliance Heating and Air for great AC repair SERVICE in Cumming GA

Another common problem is the furnace door interlock switch. Adjust the furnace door to insure the interlock switch is engaged. This may happen after a filter has been changed.

Call Reliance Heating and Air for great AC repair SERVICE in Cumming GA

Some systems are equipped with a drain pan and cut-off switch. If the leaking water from the evaporator coil fills the pan, a float switch will cut off the system to keep it from leaking onto the ceiling or floor.

Air conditioning units and heat pumps operating in the summertime condense moisture from the humid air onto the inside evaporator coil. The system is designed to collect the water and transfer it out of the house. A dirty drain pan or a blocked drainage tube can cause water to overflow onto the floor or ceiling. Removing the dirt or clog may fix the problem. See your owner’s manual for specific instructions and safety procedures.

This problem is an air distribution problem, not a problem with the air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace. The problem is caused by uneven airflow. Many homes are equipped with adjustable dampers inside the air supply ducts to allow you to adjust the airflow yourself. Additionally, each register is usually equipped with a damper to restrict the air entering that room. Try fully opening the dampers in rooms with deficient air flow while partially closing the dampers in other rooms. If the problem persists, zoning may be a solution to air flow control.

A dirty filter may be the cause. The inside blower unit uses filters to protect the system from large dust, hair and other airborne particles circulating throughout the house. The filter naturally clogs and should be checked each month. Dirty disposable filters should be replaced, while dirty washable filters should be cleaned with water and allowed to dry before re-installation. If a dirty filter is not changed or cleaned, the entire system wears out faster and consumes more energy to maintain the desired temperature you have selected.

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